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Channel 10

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Upgrade broadcast reception room, synchronization and distribution of broadcasts in HD 16: 9


Customer requirements:

Full survival equipment and all transmission paths.

Any signal SD / HD / 3G.

Channel platform synchronization signals.

Conversion and synchronization (suspension) of all sorts of audio signals into digital format.

Channel distribution of all in-house and external broadcasting in HD 16: 9.

Switching between the four entrances to the two ports for backup transmission.


Equipment is characterized:

LYNX Equipment Company characterized the project:

5000 series of modular equipment.

Series of DVD distribution cards

CMX audio conversion cards

PAD series schedule cards

EMBEDDING synchronization cards and 5000 series

Card UP / DOWN / CROSS Series 5000

4/2 switch card and survival series SVD operation sequence

Companies monitoring cards CDX series

Including the management and control systems from LYNX